Snows Unlimited

Snows Unlimited
Snows Unlimited

We offer fully guided snow goose hunts in Southern Illinois.

we are based out of Southern Illinois . Snows Unlimited was started in 2001 and still running strong.
We strive hard to make sure everyone’s hunt is the best it can be by taking snow goose hunting to a new level.
Here is just a little brief information about how we operate. We hunt out of 27 foot pits, heated when needed. We take hunters in and out of the fields with Polaris Rangers.
We do have a porta potty on every site if needed, which is really nice for the lady hunters. We supply chairs to sit on and cookers to cook on. We ask to just clean up after yourself.
The decoys are already set for your hunt and we have 5 different fields. Our rates are $150.00 Monday- Friday and $175 Sat-Sun guide tip is $25 per man. Kids under 16 are $100.00 every day.
I do have lodging if needed. That is an additional cost. Please check out my web site for more detailed information!
If you have any further information please call or email me. An average day would be 10 – 15 birds per group some days we shoot 65- 100 and some days we get 0.
Every day is different and weather plays the biggest role. Everything is provided decoys, calls and guides.